Hearing Protection


Hearing Protection

Bilsom Earmuff T3

3M Soft Foam Earplug, Hypoallergenic for great fit and superior comfort, NRR  28dB

BILSOM 655 656 NST Earplug, NRR 21dB, Wont muffle critical communication

Bilsom 847 848 Earmuff, for Excellent Attentuation for High Noise Situation

Bilsom Clarity Earmuff, communicate clearly, filter out damaging background noise, NRR 23 dB

Bilsom Impact Electronic Earmuff, Filter Harmful Noise, Amplify Sound that you wish to hear

Bilsom Leightning Earmuff, NRR 26

BILSOM PercCap Hearing Band, NRR  21dB

Bilsom Thunder Earmuff, NRR 30dB

Bilsom Viking Earmuff, NRR 29dB

EAR OSHA Comply Pack

EAR Ultrafit Earplug, 3 Flange provides triple seal against harmful noise, NRR 25dB

ELVEX Quattro Earplug, ultrasoft polymer provides comfort and effective seal, NRR 25dB

Howard Leight Dispenser for MaxLite MultiMax Laser Lite and Max Earplug

Howard Leight Fusion Earplug, thermally fuses soft outer flange for all day comfort, NRR 27 dB

Howard Leight MAX Earplug, Corded & Uncorded, NRR  33dB

Howard Leight LeightSource Aluminium Dispenser for MAX MAXLite and Laserlite Earplug

Howard Leight SmartFit Earplug, NRR  25dB

MAXLite Earplug, tapered styling reduces pressure on ear canal, NRR 30dB

MOLDEX Comets Earplug,Air Bubble Tip provides all ady comfort, NRR 24dB

MOLDEX Rockets Earplugs, NRR  26dB

NORTH Com-fit AB Earplug,NRR 27dB

NORTH DeciDamp2 Earplug, HD PVC Foam, NRR 29dB

Peltor Blaze Earmuff, NRR 26dB

Peltor Cap Mount Earmuff, NRR 28dB

Peltor Folding Earmuff, Behind The Nech, NRR 21dB

PELTOR Next No Touch Foam Earplug, custom fit design, afterglow stem, NRR 29dB

PELTOR Next Tri-Flange Plugs,NRR  26dB

Quiet Reusable Form Plug

Silencio Frontline Electronic Earmuff, for compressing gun shot noise to 28dB

Smith & Wesson Supressor Earmuff, NRR 25dB

Sonic Ear Valvs Earplug, moving diaphragm block harmful impact noise, NRR 6dB

TaperFit Earplugs, for different sizing needs, NRR 32dB

TASCO Earplug, Glow In The Dark Cord, NRR 24dB

Moldex Jazz Band

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