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The Accupressure® Back Support

From the Biomedical Engineering and Occupational & Environmental Health Department at The University of Iowa, 2003
"Our research... evaluating the mechanical role of lumbar supports strongly suggests that lumbar supports produce a calming effect on the lumbar musculature's response to sudden loads applied at the hands or chest. As such, lumbar supports can act as a barrier, reducing the body's tendency to over-react to an applied sudden load."
Based on this research, The Spine Research Center at The University of Iowa worked with Chase Ergonomics, Inc on the development of the Accupressure Back Support.

Sudden loads on the spine occur during an unplanned (or accidental) event, and cause back muscles to overreact to a suprise by expending mean muscle forces which are on average 70% greater than the forces expended during a planned or exdpected loading of the spine. Anyone who has stepped off a curb that is higher or lower than expected has experienced sudden spinal loading, and won't be suprised to learn that excess back muscles contraction is the first incident triggering approximately 30% of all lower back injuries.
Testing has proven that the Accupressure, with its unique "pressure bumps" concentrated over targeted areas, creates the calmin effect described in the above study. In tests at the Spine Research Center, Accupressure reduced the over-contraction of Back muscles by up to 39% in men and 46% in women. Significant reduction of back muscle fatigue over work cycle was also recorded.